Cryptrobots NFTs

Introduction to Cryptrobots

The professor was working on the AI crypto robot Mr.V, which was an experiment to analyze blockchain data, research cryptocurrencies and support their growth, After the professor's sudden death, he is thrown into a junkyard. Few years later The CryptRobot is activated by sunlight(energy) and finds that blockchain technology has changed drastically smart contracts and different types of NFTs allow the crypto robot to learn new things about the human world and understand how unfair and corrupt it is. This gives the cryptorobot the idea to survive and serve humanity in memory of its creator. He creates more crypto robots like him by using blockchain data, the goal of the crypto robot becomes to make the world a better place, the junkyard becomes the home of cryptrobots.

Meet first cryptrobot of the junkyard Mr.V


Cryptrobots of the Junkyard

Cryptrobots of the junkyard is first generation of cryptrobots collection, its 1000 unique pieces of art that is used for coinversus governance and platform games, if you own one or more of cryptrobot(s) you have voting rights to participate in decisions to improve and develop the coinversus platform after the beta launch.

Generation #1: Cryptrobots of the Junkyard (COTJ)

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Cryptrobots Rarity

The rarity of cryptorobots is calculated with few factors:

  • Matching Factor - The most important part of the rarity of a cryptrobot is the matching factor. The more matching parts a cryptrobot has, the more valuable it is.
  • Coin Factor - the second most important factor in the rarity of a cryptrobot is the coin score. The coin value is defined by the market capitalization of the coin at the current time (08.05.2022). There are 11 coins that are used to generate Cryptrobots of the junkyard.

    Coin score is equal to coin group size multiplied by coin value.

    coin score = (coin group size * coin value)

    Below you can find a list of coins with the score
    • Bitcoin (BTC) - 11
    • Ethereum (ETH) - 10
    • Tether (USDT) - 9
    • USD Coin (USDC) - 8
    • BNB (BNB) - 7
    • XRP (XRP) - 6
    • Cardano (ADA) - 5
    • Solana (SOL) - 4
    • Polkadot (DOT) - 3
    • Avalanche (AVAX) - 2
    • Polygon (MATIC) - 1
  • Color Factor - color factor is defining color value and deciding valuable parts by color.

    color score = (color group size * color value)

    we use original coin colors for cryptrobot and background generation Below you can find a list of colors with the score
    • Bitcoin: #F7931A#E38819 - 11
    • Ethereum: #131313#818384 - 10
    • Tether: #26A17B#16DE9F - 9
    • USD Coin: #1677DE#2775CA - 8
    • BNB: #F0B90B#DEAF16 - 7
    • XRP: #23292F#161E2F - 6
    • Cardano: #0033AD#2249A3 - 5
    • Solana: #9945FF#14F195 - 4
    • Polkadot: #E6007A#B01266 - 3
    • Avalanche: #E84142#C93838 - 2
    • Polygon: #8247E5#5222A3 - 1
if you have suggestions to improve story of cryptrobots you are welcome to send us an email [email protected]