Blockchain version of random number generator

Blockrandom generates random numbers using blockchain technology. It's a randomness mechanism that solves the fair play problem of games, giveaways, gambling and other events that otherwise depend on trusting third party providers that could choose a winner by secretly assigning winning numbers. We convert blockchain data into random numbers. The results can be confirmed by participants using block explorer and basic math this solves the issue of trust.

You can read more about blockrandom on documentation page.

Blockrandom Decision

To make the mechanism of blockrandom easier to understand, we will use the bitcoin block hash as a decision hash for initial giveaways and events.

The decision hash is the last bitcoin block hash of every hour

Decision Hash:

you can use block explorer to check Latest BTC blocks

Decision number:


Blockrandom converts hash or a string into unique random number

Example: 84vmWvKxebcnZL5JPnqkzPFVBaL4y5uGCRRJW2a9P4SL
Hash Number:

or you can also use our Telegram @BlockRandomBot

Formula for manual calculation

h(S) = S[0] + S[1] * P + S[2] * P^2 + S[3] * P^3 + ... + S[N-1] * P^N-1